About us

About us

What we do

  • Renewable energy development & Investment

    Solariant and its subsidiaries source, develop, finance, and manage the construction and operation of utility-scale renewable energy projects. As a comprehensive renewable energy developer, we connect local development partners, land owners, contractors, and other stakeholders with global investors to design and implement innovative renewable energy projects. Our projects not only provide exceptional investment opportunities, but also deliver environmental, social, and economic benefits.

  • Innovative Alternative Investments

    Solariant Capital is offering investment opportunities in renewable energy power plant development, a crowdfunding platform, and sustainable energy plantations through various strategic partnerships, co-development, and a renewable energy development fund (SREF I).

  • Sustainable Energy Forest

    Our biomass feedstocks will be produced sustainably from energy plantations that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an internationally-recognized non-profit organization that promotes sustainable forest management. We will be planting more trees than we harvest on an ongoing basis and will strictly adhere to the FSC guidelines on sustainable forest management.

Who we are

Solariant Capital is a renewable energy development and investment company headquartered in Pasadena, California with three other offices in Tokyo, Seoul, Manila, and Bislig. Since its inception in 2012, Solariant Capital, along with its wholly-owned subsidiary, Lumino Capital, has been actively developing and investing in renewable energy power plant projects and related energy fuel. It has also been developing crowdfunding platform projects and financing platform projects since its inception in 2012. In January of 2019, Solariant Capital also launched the Solariant Renewable Energy Fund I (SREF I) to invest in development-stage renewable energy projects. SREF I invests in projects developed by Solariant Capital and its subsidiaries.

  • The U.S.

    Solariant Capital is currently developing over 2 GWdc and 4.2 GWh of utility-scale solar plus energy storage systems (BESS) and stand-alone BESS projects in the Southwest and Southeast United States. By focusing on community engagement, the Solariant team fosters quality relationships with landowners and stakeholders to ensure the projects deliver enduring local economic and environmental benefits.

  • Japan

    Solariant Capital has completed the development and financing of 6 utility-scale renewable energy projects in Japan, including solar and biomass power plants, and is currently developing multiple, solar,wind, and biomass projects.

  • South Korea

    Solariant Capital’s wholly owned subsidiary, illuminarean, is currently developing a crowdfunding platform for renewable energy projects in Japan and the U.S.

  • Southeast Asia

    Solariant’s subsidiary Lumino Biomass Fuel Inc (LBFI) is developing sustainable biomass plantations and biofuel production facilities in the Philippines in order to replace fossil-based energy and transportation fuels. LBFI’s three plantations cover more than 36,000 hectares in the Philippines. Another subsidiary, Lumino Biomass Power Plant Inc, is currently completing development of a 58 MWp biomass plant, which will utilize some of the raw materials from our own plantations.

U.S Management team

Daniel Kim

Managing Director

“Our mission is to combat global climate change crisis by accelerating the adoption of renewable energy. We plan to achieve this goal through renewable energy project development and democratizing and offering renewable energy investment to investing public thereby providing much needed development capital to project owners through our crowdfunding subsidiaries.”
  • Kevin Kohlstedt

    Senior Director / Head of U.S. Renewables Development

  • Samuel Kim

    Director of IT (illuminarean)

  • Leesa S. Nayudu

    VP of Power Marketing, Director of Finance

  • Eric Kang

    Director of Finance

  • Sachin Verma

    Assistant Development Director

  • Jacob Wilson

    Associate Director, Engineering

What we offer

  • Project Development

  • Equity, Senior & Mezzanine Financing

  • Project Acquisition

  • Power Sale

  • Project Assessment & Valuation

  • Sourcing of Alternative Investments

  • Development & Strategic Joint Ventures

  • Virtual Power Purchase Agreements